NeMusic is a music streaming and distribution platform based in Darjeeling, India. Our homegrown startup was founded on 28th August 2020 as a one-man project with the idea of supporting local artists. Starting as a social media page with a concept to create a robust platform, we started our actual journey on 29th September 2020.

Our Vision is to build a robust digital platform, that provides various options for local creators to distribute and monetize their content while directly connecting with fans across the globe.

Our Mission is to uplift local music and artist with the help of advanced digital technology.

Keeping our vision and mission in mind we have launched our website with lots of unique features and will be working forever to improve it.

Join us on our quest to create a whole new digital world for our fellow local artists, and to support and promote our fellow rockers.

Join in and be the change!!!

Team NeMusic

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